Blue Base Golden Crossback


Crossback Golden (Malaysian Crossback)

Country of Origin:
United Stated, Canada, Indonesia, Cameroon


Farm of Origin:
Our Selection



The Crossback Golden Arowana originates in Cameroon. They have a rich golden appearance often contrasted against strong base colouring. The Bluebase variety has been specially bred and selected to have a striking Blue Base Colour contrasting against rich golden scales.

Known as the Crossback due to the golden colour crossing over the 6th level of scales (the very top of the back) creating a full bodied and complete coverage of colour.

They develop colour very early on, often having very distinct scale colour by 8-10inches. These are a stunning and majestic variety for any Arowana keeper. PicturedA Unique Variety of Bluebase Golden Crossback supplied by Panda – sold separately in shop


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