Premium Arowana Sales

Providing You With The best Arowana and Stingrays From Our Farms

About The Arowana

All our fishes are tagged with PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) and each has a certificate of warranty issued by the farm. We sell only fishes which we breed ourselves and do not buy / import from other traders/farms to resell / export.

Therefore, our fishes ‘ grades are authentic and quality true. Always check exporters your own CITES DOCUMENT. to ensure that they are supplying their own farm-bred fishes and not from others whose fishes’ authenticity and quality cannot be substantiated by such exporters as they are not the fishes actual breeder.

We do delivery almost worldwide even to countries who are not allowed to keep fish as we also have a discreet delivery policy. Buyers from countries where Arowana/Stingray are illegal you notify us so we use the discreet packaging policy

Our Story

We are top class in the production of high quality Arowana and stingray and we are leading in the market to help customers get the best of what they want to meet up their love for this creature

What We Do

We breed all our fish in our farms and do cross-breeding to come up with new top-quality fish. We export to the international market none of our fish are imported from other farms so we can assure you of the best quality ever to grade

Open Hours

Sunday         CLOSED Monday        24 HOURS Tuesday        24 HOURS Wednesday  24 HOURS Thursday       24 HOURS Friday             24 HOURS Saturday        24 HOURS

Our Goal

Our main goal is always that you, the client get a perfectly healthy and happy fish and that with our help you can keep it that way for a long and happy life. This is why we believe that a good after sales service is paramount to this end. You can contact us at any time during the process. We can help you come to a decision on the species you require, help you with what its needs are, to give ​that particular fish a long life and the perfect environment you will need to keep it happy.